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Endangered African Rice Varieties Gain Elite Status in the Region’s Struggle to Achieve Food Security

New Findings Underline the Promise of Genetically Diverse African Rice for Boosting Production and Adapting it to Climate Change 21 May 2010, Cotonou, Benin – As part of a redoubled effort to stave off future food crises by bringing Africa’s rice production in line with its rapidly growing consumption, scientists have announced a paradigm shift … Continue reading

>Interview with Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck on food crisis

>Interview with Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck, Director General of the Africa Rice Center, on food crisis(15 April 2010) Dr Seck warns of the continent’s continuing vulnerability to food crises and describes vigorous measures being taken to strengthen domestic production. Q: The food price crisis of 2008, while impacting people around the world, hit Africa’s rice … Continue reading

>Interview du Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck sur la crise alimentaire

>Interview du Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck, Directeur Général du Centre du riz pour l’Afrique, sur la crise alimentaire(15 Avril 2010) Dr Seck prévient que le continent est toujours vulnérable aux crises alimentaires et décrit toute la batterie de mesures vigoureuses en cours pour renforcer la production locale. Q: La crise des prix des produits alimentaires … Continue reading