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At Time of Food Crisis, New Rice Varieties Boost Africa’s Rice Production

On Eve of TICAD, Experts Warn Current Dependence on Rice Imports Is ‘Recipe for Disaster’ for Africa; Production Still Lags Far Behind Consumption 23 May 2008, COTONOU, Benin — As African governments and tens of millions of poor African consumers faced a dangerous rice crisis in 2007, new rice varieties adapted to African conditions helped … Continue reading

Par ces temps de crise alimentaire, la relance de la production de riz en Afrique repose sur de nouvelles variétés de riz

À la veille du TICAD, les experts affirment que la dépendance sur les importations de riz est une « solution désastreuse pour l’Afrique » ; la consommation surpasse encore largement la production COTONOU, Bénin (23 mai 2008) — En 2007, lorsque les gouvernements africains et des dizaines de millions de consommateurs africains pauvres ont été … Continue reading

>Can rice crisis be turned into opportunity for Africa?

>The news spotlight on the world rice crisis has mostly focused on Asia where the cost of this staple food recently topped $700 per tonne, but it is Africa that is showing the greatest strain with riots and demonstrations worrying several governments. Many Africans well remember that so-called ‘rice riots’ were adjudged the trigger for … Continue reading